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As the nation’s top marketing firm for fee-for-service dentists, Tyson Steele exclusively represents only one dental office per community.

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Find out how more than 1,000 of North America’s top dentists outgrew their competition.

“I just wanted to write to let you know that The marketing training was freaking awesome! My team and I loved it and are excited to get in the game!”

Adam Kirkpatrick, DDS

“We’ve already gained $18,574 in production from just 6 new patients solely from the internet!! Amazing! And this is just the beginning!”

Andy Ramsey, DMD, FAGD

“Working with your team has had a major impact on my practice, taking us from an average of 6, all the way to 21 new patients per month.”

B. C. Nelson, DDS

“I wish I would have met Tyson Steele Associates one year ago. I would have a ton less stress, and it would’ve prevented me from purchasing a second practice.”

Bernard Ang, DMD

“After 1 year of working with you all, I’ve had the all time best month ever. Stoked with the results!”

Brad Shern, DMD

“Everything you guys do is of 5-star quality and I really appreciate that. Good news: had about 20 new patients this week following the recent mail out. Thanks!”

Brian Kinsey, DMD

“Finished Kois after 10 years! I couldn’t do the kind of dentistry I do if not for Kois. But, I wouldn’t have so many people to provide dental care to if not for Tyson Steele.”

Carson Kutsch, DDS

“The Social Media Campaign really works. We’re getting tons of positive reviews and already got a new patient because of it!”

Casey Culberson, DDS

“We’re in a difficult area. However, in just the first eight months we increased patient flow by 66% - more than 10 extra new patients per month.”

Chris Huff, DMD

“Just wanted you to know that we have met or exceeded our goal every month this year thru June. It is a pleasure to work with you and to recommend Tyson Steele to fellow dentists.”

Chris Perry, DMD, MS

“Thank you Tyson for all of your continued marketing efforts -- you and your team have made such a positive difference in our practice. Thanks!”

Christina Blatchford, DMD

“We’ve had a solid increase in new patient flow since starting with Tyson Steele. Thanks for all your help.”

Christopher Huff, DMD

“Our new patient flow is more than double last year, and production is up 18%! Not only that, but we’re getting ‘A’ quality new patients!”

Clifford Brock, DMD

“I wasn’t sure what made your websites so much better, but only 2 weeks after launching a new site with you I got a $25,000 dollar cosmetic case. Amazing!”

Craig Barrows, DDS

“We increased our flow of quality, fee-for-service patients by 71% in the first five months.”

Dan Bednarzyck, DDS

“Last year we saw a 49% increase in collections thanks to working with you to improve the quality of new patients we attract.”

Dana Shumate, DDS

“The member training was really nice. Got me excited. I’ve been doing post-op calls on most procedures, and patients are very receptive and appreciative.”

Daniel Rovirosa, DMD

“Really happy with the extra level of service you provide through training for me and my staff.”

David Lopes, DDS

“We’re in one of the most competitive markets in the country, and we increased new patient flow more than 60% in the first year. Your mailing campaign is simply a proven product. It works.”

David Rever, DDS

“Your strategy provided a substantial increase in new exams and starts in my practice. It really helped us build a solid base for future referrals.”

David Richter, DDS, MS

“I’m really happy with the results of our Social Media campaign. It rocks.”

Don Mungcal, DDS

“Vision is what is holding us back, and Tyson’s trainings go a long way toward establishing that vision. Thanks!”

Don Wyatt, DDS

“We are at 60 new patients a month and maxed out of new patient blocks even with a dedicated hygienest for this.”

Eric Jones, DMD

“In August, we decided to finish strong this year! I just checked our reports, we have an increase in collections of 27.1% over last year (with two more days to go)!”

Estelle Zandstra, DDS

“Whatever you’re doing, keep on doing it! Since we’ve started the SEO campaign with you, we’ve seen 20 new patients in the last month through Google alone!”

Frances Sunseri, DMD

“Bottom line: I don’t think I could get any better results. I am all about getting the best results.”

Gary Richardson, DDS

“Of the 511 total new patients in the first half year, 309 were from the brochure you developed for us!”

Grace Yum, DDS

“Sixty-two new patient callers in the last month. And they’re great quality. I’m so glad you helped us redesign our strategy!”

Greg Keene, DMD

“I feel very comfortable saying if I wasn’t using Tyson Steele, I would have no patients showing up. Eighty percent of my new patients are coming from your marketing.”

Haley Tate, DDS

“On pace for another 25% increase in collections this year, just like last year.”

Jason Ganong, DMD

“Awesome! You guys are the best! And so quick. Thanks a bunch.”

Jeane Best, DDS

“I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the job you guys are doing at Tyson Steele. You’ve improved my presence on the web tremendously and I’m grateful for that!”

Jeff Day, DDS

“(Another company’s) marketing group contacted me about beginning services with them... I don’t need no stinking group... I’ve already got the best!”

Jennifer Perkins, DDS

“Keep up the good work online!! I had 3 new patients TODAY; 2 of which came from the internet.”

JoAnne Many

“The mailers helped a ton! Even in just the first cycle, they made a big difference.”

Joe Hylton, DDS

“Whenever we mail, we get a 60% or greater increase in new patient flow.”

Kevin Rykard, DDS

“We’ve averaged more than 18 new patients per month in the first five months. That’s fantastic.”

Lee Freeman, DDS

“I’ve definitely seen that the search optimization for my website works and is effective!”

Leroy Owyang, DDS

“I have been with them for about 4 years. Started with the mailers, then moved my website over to them to simplify things. Tyson Steele is great!”

Lori Kerber, DDS

“A new patient came in today that needs about $10k in dentistry which came in through the sedation site! Thanks for all you do!”

Marc Alber, DDS

“Your impact on my practice has been immeasurable. To be able to grow every month is great. And we are growing faster now than ever before! I am so glad you all have been with me from day one.”

Mary Lynn King, DDS

“I appreciate your desire and ideas to help us lead better. Success is directly related to how well we lead, and I need all the help I can get.”

Paul Biederman, DDS

“Talk about results. A 121% increase in the first 5 months. I’m now seeing at least two high-quality new patients every single day.”

Paul Smith, DDS

“As a scratch startup, my practice production hit $1.9 million in the first 36 months with your help. Not bad for one of the toughest markets in the country.”

Phillippe Freeman, DMD

“Our pediatric start-up was struggling until we started working with you. In the last 30 days, we had 85 calls for new patient appointments. That’s 400% higher than our prior best month!”

Rhonda Hogan, DDS

“Whenever we mail, we see an 86% increase in new patient flow. It’s a major component of our marketing strategy.”

Rick Rios, DDS

“I thought the member training webcast was superb. My first comment was ’I wish I could have seen this 30 years ago!’”

Rolfe Wooten, DDS

“This is the best month ever all because of Tyson Steele. When I started with Tyson, I was in the single digits for new patient flow on a monthly basis. Just now, we busted out a 34 new patient month!”

Roy Thompson, DDS

“You guys have done an incredibly good job at helping me grow my Social Media presence! I can’t thank you enough!”

Ryan Bybee, DDS

“We’ve had a steady flow of 75 to 120 (pediatric) patients per month ever since we started with you many years ago.”

Sarah Mathias, DDS

“If it weren’t for Tyson Steele, I would not have the same practice as I have today.”

Scott Craven, DDS

“We booked 16 New Patients after the mailers went out. That’s phenomenal! Of course it’s all working together with the website and SEO.”

Scott Goldberg, DMD

“Tyson Steele’s team are the best marketers in the business in my opinion, and I have the practice stats to prove it... if you consider taking a 500k practice to two million in 6 years a success, that is. ”

Scott Studerus, DDS

“956 new patients in just my first 21 months as a scratch startup! Who even knew this was possible?”

Stan Woods, DMD

“Tyson Steele has kept me going in the right direction, taking my practice to the next level. I’ve had spectacular results.”

Stephen Leavens, DDS

“Tyson is Amazing, You can just feel his enthusiasm for growing my practice.”

Stephen Vester

“I was naive to think that if I just do a good job and treat my patients right the practice will grow itself. You have educated me on how to use the slight edge principle to really make a difference.”

Steve Darling, DMD

“870 new patients in just 8 months after starting my new pediatric practice. The brochures and SEO are doing great!”

Subash Mutyala, DDS

“We’ve been MORE than happy with the success of the brochure and we’ve only been mailing for 3 months. I have no doubt that Tyson Steele is the dental marketing company to work with!”

Suzanne Conway, DDS

“In our first 6-month cycle, we saw an additional 23 new (pediatric) patients every single month. That’s a 64% increase.”

Tim Glomb, DDS

“Great training!! I always learn so much and like how Tyson encourages us to be the best version of ourselves. Thanks so much!”

Tim Marker, DDS

“I don’t know what they’ve figured out, but it works, the direct mail works! They’ve done all the research, it works, and they’ve delivered on our investment.”

Will Baker, DDS

“You guys have made me so successful, I can go skiing on Thursdays!”

Will Lacey, DMD
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